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    [flex day]

    Article: Read "Back to Square One." Answer the following questions.

        1. Explain the purpose of the article.

        2. List Melissa’s accomplishments.

        3. “…With a collection of rejection letters and a haunting sense of betrayal.” Who or what, do you suppose, “betrayed” Melissa?

        4. “Success has always been defined as a straight line.” What is meant by this, and do you agree? Why, or why not?

        5. Cite something you think Melissa did “the right way” to try to put herself in a position for long-term success. Explain why you think this was “the right way.”

        6. Cite something you think Melissa did to hurt her chances for long-term success, or something she did that was not “the right way."


    Notes on clauses, sentence types. Powerpoint below.


    New vocabulary;  >> CLICK HERE <<  for Google Doc version of vocabulary;

    Google Classroom: Some practice covering yesterday's notes on clauses and sentence types;


    Handout (see below) -- Sentence combining: use what you know about simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences to combine the 4 sentences (given) into one sentence of multiple clauses.  Google version of handout (hopefully formatted properly!) is  >> HERE <<  .  

    QUIZ: On Google Classroom there is a quiz for you to take regarding sentence types. It is due by 7:30 AM, so don't plan on doing it in class any time tomorrow!

    Also, your first ZZI.SH practice quiz is posted, so get your practice in!


    Sentence types quiz;

    Article: "Not-So-Fancy Feast": read article and respond to questions on Google Classroom;

    Paragraph about pets; 


    Handouts for the week: