Section outline

  • MONDAY:  

    Paragraphs due today. You will get these back sometime this week. When you get them back I will give you your final due date for the paper.


    >Using Quotes. There are notes on the PowerPoint (below) and Google Slides  >> HERE << . Using those notes, go to Google classroom and find your assignment. Read the article (I have cut it down to just two paragraphs for the purpose of this assignment) and, using it and the notes, respond to the questions on the Google Form. This is due in class today.


    Vocabulary Quiz / new vocabulary;

    Periods 1 and 2: Paragraphs returned.


    >Writing Introductions / Conclusions.


    >Works Cited page -- Noodle Tools Express  or  Easybib  are your best bets. We'll look at both of these.


    Handouts for the week: