From the IB website:

1.Neither the candidate name or number should appear on any of the pages of the extended essay, including the title page.

2.The essay is formatted as follows: 
o using Arial font
o font size 12
o double-spaced
o numbered pages

3.The extended essay is an acceptable file type:

4.The extended essay is an acceptable file size of no more than 10MB, which still allows for high quality images.

5.All diagrams, maps, tables, must be digitally produced where possible to prevent excessive file sizes when included in as part of the essay.

6.In preparation for electronic upload, supervisors must remind candidates that the model for the extended essay is a paper in an academic journal. No provision is therefore planned for the upload of media other than the essay itself and accompanying images. 
o Appendices must be used sparingly. Examiners are not required to read appendices, so material essential to the essay must always be included in the body of the essay (including large images) and any material in the appendix should be minimal and selected with care.
o Irrespective of the subject, the extended essay should be modelled on an academic journal/research paper which can exist and be understood on its own, without the need to access external links or accompanying material such as DVDs. There is no requirement for the examiner to refer to any material that is not included in the extended itself when assessing the work.

7.Receiving an electronic version of an extended essay will make it easier for examiners to gauge at which point an essay has reached 4000 words. Candidates must be reminded of the penalty for exceeding the word count, or circumventing it using footnotes incorrectly (for anything other than referencing).

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