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  • Monday: NO SCHOOL

    Tuesday: Chrome Cart
    • Assign Rough Draft Part 1
    • Topic Approval


    • Assign Rough Draft Part 1
      • Directions: Once you have an approved paper topic, you may begin doing research and gathering your sources. Each source requires identification, citation, and verification. Create a Google Doc that will be used to gather this information. At the top of the page, write your paper topic. When you find a reliable source, you will number it, write the title of it (identification), add a link to it (citation) and, finally, write a paragraph discussing how you verified the source (verification). Be specific and detailed in explaining your verification process. An example of this is on Google Classroom. Only sources you've verified may be included on this assignment and in the final draft of your paper. You will be graded on completing all components of the assignment, how well you verified the sources and how many verified sources you collected. Do NOT include sources that either couldn't be verified or were found to be unreliable or not credible. 

      9 verified sources = A
      7 verified sources = B

      5 verified sources = C

      Assignments with fewer than 5 sources will not be accepted

      Thursday-Friday: Chrome Cart

      • Work on Rough Draft Part 1
      • Continue approved paper topics