Section outline

  • Monday:
    Notes on setting;
    Eliminating "because";
    Assign: Read "Encounters and Foundations to 1800," due Thursday.


    Notes on nouns;

    Holt Handbook (grammar book): p. 2 -- Identify all the nouns in the diagnostic preview; we will review this Thursday


    Vocab Quiz #1 -- remember, there may be other items on the test; anything we have covered in class up till now is fair game for the test!

    COLLEGE ADMISSIONS ESSAY WRITING WORKSHOP -- see details below if interested


    Review nouns from Tuesday;

    Brief notes on collective and compound nouns;

    Do "Review A" in grammar book -- add to previous work; this is collected at the end of class today.


    Brief outline from "Encounters" -- Puritanism (see below);

    Read in class "Upon the Burning of Our House"; answer questions 1-4, 6, 7 (p. 30), and "Writing: Trials and Tribulations," due Monday;

    Book checkout: The Crucible;


    Handouts for the week: