Section outline

  • Monday:

    Due: Huck Finn, ch. 21-28;

    Assign: Huck Finn, ch. 29-33, due Thursday;

    Reading Journal #5:

    Explain what happens at the circus Huck attends. What is his final opinion of the show? Why do you think he feels that way? Is there some thematic connection between the story of the circus and any other events which occur in chapters 21-28?


     H.H., p. 360 -- on spelling; do up to 15e.


     Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary



     Due: Huck Finn, ch. 29-33; study guide questions below;

    Assign: Huck Finn, ch. 34-38, due Monday

    Reading Journal #6:

    Explain in detail "You can't pray a lie."


     Dangling / misplaced modifiers (see below);



    Handouts for the week: