Section outline

  • Monday:

     Due: Huck Finn, ch. 34-38;

    Assign: Huck Finn, ch. 39-43, due Thursday

    Reading Journal #7:

    How does Huck feel about Tom's willingness to help steal Jim out of slavery? What do you suppose Tom's "reintroduction" in the novel is meant to signify, especially after all this time? Has Tom changed at all? Has Huck? Explain.


     Ch 34-38: find quotes that highlight either character or theme. Worksheet.



     Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary;



     Huck Finn ch. 39-43 due today. This concludes the reading assignments. More still to come, though, so don't turn your books in!

     Reading journal #8:

    Why does Tom spend so much time trying to "free" Jim, when he already knows Jim is free? Explain how this shows a difference between Huck and Tom.


     Huckleberry Finn book cover jacket.

    Create a picture (not your book cover, not another version's book cover) that shows some important image from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This image will be the cover for your book. Also include author and title, as any book cover would.

    On the inside sleeves of the cover jacket and the back cover, include other information such as:

    • a brief summary of the story 9without giving anything away
    • a brief biography of the author
    • a list of other works from the author. You don't have to include everything, but it should include a decent list of the author's other works.

    This should be done in color.



    Handouts for the week: