Section outline

  • Monday:

    Article: Read "Saying No to College." Answer the following questions:

    1. Explain the premise (argument) of the article.
    2. What examples does the article incorporate?
    3. While the article does seem to present both sides, which side does the article favor? How can you tell?
    4. Do you agree or disagree with that message? Why?


    Autobiographical Essay:

    Autobiographical Incident Prompt:

    Write an essay in which you tell about a significant incident from your past. This should be an incident which taught you something about yourself, which changed you in some way, or which is important to you for some reason. This incident should have taken place within a short period of time (probably 24 hours or less, from start to finish). Your essay should show what happened and should show why this incident is important to you.


    New vocabulary procedures (see below)


    Editing your autobiographical essay:

    Count the words of your autobiographical essay. Then,

    1. take 10% of that number;
    2. cut that 10% from your paper. Find words or phrases that are not carrying their weight, and delete them. In some places you might be able to cut words and make no other changes. In other cases, you may need to cut words and rearrange some things to make your essay still make sense.
    3. Do not cut necessary ideas! This exercise is about editing your paper for filler/clutter to make your paper tighter, more concise.
    4. Highlight your changes on your rough draft (draft due today); rewrite paper.
    5. You will turn in both the edited draft and final draft
    6. Also, include some example of either assonance OR consonance OR alliteration. Underline the example (sentence) and label it, for the final draft.


    Rough drafts of autobiographical essays due today;

    Vocabulary presentations; info:

    • Per. 2:  Class ID: 8749300        password: period2
    • Per. 3:  Class ID: 8749304        password: period3

    (Note: do NOT put a space in the password between the word and the number)