Section outline

  • Monday:



    >Reading: Catcher in the Rye, Chapters 23-24 due today.


    Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary


    Writing assignment -- choose one of the following topics:

    • Ch. 22, p. 173 (in my book, at least): Explain Holden's choice when Phoebe asks him what he'd like to be.
    • Ch. 24, p. 187: Explain what Mr. Antolini means by "a special kind of fall." What does he see in Holden,and what is he trying to tell him?

    This is due in class today.



    Reading: Catcher in the Rye, Chapters 25-26 due today.

    Group project #1: Presentations will be Monday

    • Summary of your section
    • A significant quote form your section. Read and explain.
    • List the characters who appear in your section. Describe them, including what we learn about them in your section, and how they are different from previous sections.
    • Describe the setting or settings of your section. How do these settings contribute to our interpretation or understanding of the story?

    >Get study guide from Moodle (see below) -- did not print copies for class!


    Handouts for the week: