Section outline

  • Monday:

     Due: Huck Finn, ch. 11-15;

    Huck Finn Reading Journal #3:

    In chapters 11-15, find where Huck talks about a "lesson" he learned from Pap. Discuss what that says about Pap. Also, Jim teaches Huck a lesson as well. What is it, and what does it say about Jim? Compare Pap's lesson to Jim's. What does the comparison indicate about both characters?

    Assign: Huck Finn, ch. 16-20, due Thursday


    Veterans' Day -- no school



     Vocabulary Quiz / new vocabulary



     Due:  Huck Finn, ch. 16-20;

    Assign: Huck Finn, ch. 21-28, Due Monday

    Huck Finn Reading Journal #4:

    "...For what you want, above all things, on a raft, is for everybody to be satisfied, and feel right and kind towards the others."

      • What prompts Huck to say this?
      • If the river and the raft are metaphors, what are they metaphors for? How does this quote fit in with those metaphors?
    Huck Finn Study Guide Questions, chapters 16-20:

    1. Explain the struggle Huck has regarding Jim.
    2. How does Huck fend off the slave hunters?
    3. What happens to Huck and Jim's raft?
    4. How do Jim and Huck know they've missed Cairo, and what does that mean to Jim?
    5. How are Huck and Jim separated?
    6. Explain the relationship between the Shepherdson family and the Grangerfords.
    7. Who is Miss Sophia, and what secret does she ask Huck to keep?
    8. Explain how Huck and Jim meet up again.
    9. Who are the King and the Duke?
    10. How do Huck and Jim feel about the King and the Duke?


    Bring your Huckleberry Finn books -- you will need them!

     In chapter 16, examine the extended quote that runs from Jim saying "Dah she is!" through to the paragraph beginning "I went into the wigwam." Do an extended analysis of what happens here, paying close attention to the feelings Huck struggles with. This is the first time we see Huck confront the "sin" of what he is doing.

    This is due today. Responses should be approximately one full page, hand-written.


    Handouts for the week: