Section outline

  • Monday:

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday


    Final drafts due today;

    Vocabulary presentations, part 2;

    Assign: Read "The Moderns," p. 557, the introduction to the next section of your textbook; due Thursday


    Vocabulary quiz;

    Assign: read chapter 1 in The Great Gatsby, due Friday. Reading should be completed by the time you walk into class on Friday!


    "The Moderns": class is put into groups to present various topics presented in the introduction to "The Moderns"

    • World War I
    • Women's Suffrage
    • The Roaring Twenties
    • The Great Depression
    • The American Dream
    • The Jazz Age
    • The Harlem Renaissance
    • Prohibition
    • Orson Welles and "The War of the Worlds”

    Presentations will be tomorrow;

    Chapter 1 in The Great Gatsby due tomorrow;


    Due: Chapter 1 in The Great Gatsby;

    Handout: The Great Gatsby, Ch. 1 (see below); this is due today in class;

    Chapter 2 due Tuesday.


    Handouts for the week: