Section outline

  • Monday:

    Prepositions (and notes -- see below);

    Assign: Write out a sentence using each of the 53 prepositions listed. Sentences can be brief, but you must make sure you are using the prepositions as prepositions, not as some other part of speech. Underline all prepositional phrases.


    Notes on Romanticism;

    Redo some of the prepositional phrases from yesterday -- underline the prepositional phrases (this was in the directions)

    Assign: read "Thanatopsis," p. in textbook, and answer questions 1-7. This is due Thursday.


     Vocabulary quiz; new vocabulary

     Assign: Choose two prepositions, one showing direction or location, and one not showing either. Write each preposition in a phrase. Then, draw a picture showing the prepositional phrase. You will present these tomorrow in class.


    Review "Thanatopsis," assigned Tuesday;

    Review prepositions and conjunctions;

    Assign: "The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls," p.171, and answer questions 1-8 on p. 177. Due tomorrow.


    Review: "The Tide Rises,..." from yesterday;

    Homework: read "The Devil and Tom Walker," p. 151 in your textbook, and answer questions 2-9 on p. 162, and then the "writing" topic listed on p. 163.


    Handouts for the week: