Section outline

  • Monday:

    Review study guide for ch. 3, assigned last Friday;

    Assign: Gatsby Ch. 4 due tomorrow;


    Chapter 4 due in The Great Gatsby;

    Handout:  study guide and quotations for Ch. 4 (see below);

    Assign: Chapter 5 in The Great Gatsby, due Friday


    Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary


    Video: The Great Gatsby


    Chapter 5 due today;

    In groups (your tables) find and analyze one quote from Ch. 5 in The Great Gatsby. Model your approach for both the quote and the analysis after what we have done with Gatsby quotes. Do not select quotes that are irrelevant to the story, or quotes that are too short (and therefore beyond analysis). We will go over these in class today.

    Assign Chapter 6 in The Great Gatsby, due Monday, Feb. 11th.


    Handouts for the week: