Section outline

  • Monday:

    Read in class "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," p. 707, and answer questions 1-8;

    Homework due tomorrow:

    • Read "The Harlem Renaissance," p. 742, 743;
    • Read "Countee Cullen," p. 744, and the poems "Tableau" and "Incident" after it;
    • Answer questions 1-6 ("Tableau") and 1-4 ("Incident") on p. 748


    Review "The Harlem Renaissance" and Countee Cullen poems, assigned yesterday;

    Assign: Langston Hughes bio and works, p. 749-757; answer questions 1-6 / 1-5 on p. 758. Due Thursday


    Vocabulary Quiz; new vocabulary words assigned.


    Read in class: "Dust Tracks on a Road," p. 763, and answer questions 1-10 on p. 770. Due in class today;




    Handouts for the week: