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    NOTE: sentences are below, but they are in Microsoft word form. If it will not open for you, CLICK HERE FOR A GOOGLE DOCUMENT. 


    review yesterday's practice sentences.

    And a few more:


    6. We talk to eachother nearly everyday.


    7. The magician did this thing pulling a rabbit out of his hat.


    8. He was late because his car wasn’t running.


    >Summer reading test #1: Life of Pi


    Summer reading test #2: Into Thin Air;

    Due Monday:

    In many ways, Life of Pi discusses religion, whether because the novel is overtly about religion, or merely uses religion as a vehicle to teach or suggest other ideas or concepts.

    Select one of the passages listed below, both from chapter 4. Think about how either passage is really talking about more than just a zoo. Make a case that Yann Martel, through Pi, is discussing religion in metaphor.

    Cite specific examples from the text, explaining their dual meanings, and draw an inference of what the message might be in a larger sense.

    Passages to choose from in chapter 4:

    1.        Paragraphs 6-8: from “I have heard nearly as much nonsense…” to paragraph ending with “all this because a stork is not standing where it usually stands!”

    2.      Paragraphs 11-12: from “Don’t we say, ‘There’s no place like home’?” to “Under such conditions of diplomatic peace…”



    Handouts for the week: