Section outline


    > Check out The Catcher in the Rye;


    >Some brief discussion questions;

    > time in class to read



    “A & P,” by John Updike -- read story and answer the following questions:

    1. What characteristics of American society in the years leading up to the date of publication of the story (1960) are represented here? How does Sammy feel about contemporary societal values?

    2. How/why does Sammy contrast his family parties with what he imagines about the parties of Queenie’s family?

    3. Which specific words (diction) most indicate Sammy’s state of mind?

    4. How do the customers in the supermarket react to the appearance of Queenie and her friends? How does the manager Lengel react to them? How do the other employees react to them?

    5. Why does Sammy quit his job? Does he hope to gain anything by doing so?

    6. Explain the last sentence of the story. What tone does he seem to be taking?

    7. Is Sammy a totally reliable narrator, or is there some irony directed at him by the author?


    >Narrative Voice -- comparing Holden to Sammie of John Updike's "A & P."  Handout below.


    >The Catcher in the Rye -- Chapters 1-3 are due today. Handout below. Due today.


    Handouts for the week: