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    Lincoln Day -- no school


    Outlines from last Friday due today;

    At the end of the novel we know Holden is somewhere getting analyzed, but for what? Using the links below (and, of course, your text) play the psychoanalyst for a little while and come up with the correct diagnosis for Holden.

      1. Determine whether Holden is suffering from depression, bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia. Below are links giving symptoms of each. There are some overlapping ideas, so think it through carefully. You likely will have to do some extra research to get through the symptoms (what is a "manic episode," or what is "hypomania," for example). Use sufficient examples from the book to justify your diagnosis.
      2. Identify treatment Holden requires. This also you will need to look up.

    This is due Friday. Submit to Google Classroom, with paper formatted in proper MLA format. Submit a copy to ANY plagiarism will result in a score of ZERO.


    Vocabulary quiz; / new vocabulary; 


    >Sentence variety: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.  >>SEE HERE<<  for slide presentation notes/examples (and make sure you are logged in to your SCHOOL Google account or you won't be able to see the slide show).

    > Edit your papers: 

      • Check to see that you have used the appropriate punctuation marks in your paper
      • work hard to eliminate all passive voice verbs, except maybe an occasional is-am-are-was-were verb that may be the best way of phrasing your sentence



    >Holden's diagnosis is due today;

    Practice sentences: Determining sentence type by structure.

    Determine whether the following sentences are simple sentences, complex sentences, compound sentences, or compound-complex sentences. Answers are  >>HERE<<

      1. Although bridges are built for practical purposes, many bridges are not only useful but also beautiful.
      2. Old-fashioned covered bridges can still be seen in some parts of the country, chiefly in New England.
      3. These bridges were not intended to be objects of art, but many people today consider them very lovely.
      4. The simple lines and the weathered wood of a covered bridge go well with its rustic surroundings.
      5. Those who design modern bridges take both usefulness and beauty into account.
      6. The Brooklyn Bridge, which was opened in 1883, was one of the first steel suspension bridges in the United States.
      7. Not only was the Brooklyn Bridge the longest suspension bridge of its time, but it was also one of the most artistically pleasing.
      8. The bridge was recognized as an artistic triumph even before it was completed, and it quickly became a favorite subject for painters and photographers.
      9. Many suspension bridges built during the twentieth century employ structural principles that were developed by the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge.
      10. Two of the best-known suspension bridges of recent times are San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and New York’s Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

    Then, go to Google Classroom to take your quiz when you are ready. You may use your notes, but you may not work together.

    Enjoy your long weekend!