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    Catcher in the Rye Art Assignment

    1. Create an actual photo album that might be owned by Holden. Be creative! Use the book as a reference and try to recreate the scenes (the lagoon, the park, his dorm, his family, his friends, etc.) Submit it in some type of binder or small photo album (even if hand-made) with the pictures labeled.

    2. Create a poster or brochure of Pencey Prep promoting the school, or design a T-shirt for Pencey Prep. Include extra-curricular activities, reputation, and other details that Holden spoke of. Re-read the first few chapters, in particular Chapter 1, and get a feel for what might be appropriate to include. What images does Holden use in describing Pencey, and what seems like Pencey’s image it promotes for itself.


    > Indefinite pronouns and subject / verb agreement; notes (powerpoint below), handout (below), and 

    homework  > > HERE < <




    Choose among the following possible answers:

         A) faulty pronoun reference

         B) Passive voice

         C) Dangling / misplaced / squinting modifier

         D) Parallel structure error

         E) No error

         F) subject / verb agreement error

    Also, practice with word derivatives:

    skeptic - noun: One who instinctively or habitually doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or generally accepted conclusions; skeptical - adjective; skepticism - noun

    • He had always been a _________ when it came to UFOs.
    • He was ________ about the existence of UFOs.
    • He viewed any "proof" of UFOs with a heavy dose of ________. 


    >1. Margo and her parents (visit-visits) each other often. 

    2. Either the cups or the glass (are-is) in the dishwasher. 

    3. Vern and Fred (need-needs) a ride to work. 

    4. There (is-are) a dog, a cat, and a bird in the garage. 

    5. Neither Matt nor his brothers (was-were) at the party. 

    6. Here into the main ring of the circus (come-comes) the trained elephants. 

    7. Either the workers or the boss (deliver-delivers) the merchandise. 

    8. There (is-are) many things to do before the holidays. 

    9. Here (is-are) the nails you need for the projects. 

    10. Either Joyce or Ellen (was-were) here. 

    11. A magazine and a book (was-were) lying on the floor. 


    12. The United States (is-are) a country of contrast. 

    13. The committee (work-works) hard for better schools. 

    14. The jury (was-were) polled for their verdicts. 

    15. The family (is-are) occupied with their individual problems.


    1. The answers to the math problems were provided in the back of the book.
    2. We went to the restaurant with our friend that is open all night.
    3. Each person has their own way of studying for a final.
    4. He asked for help but did not receive it.
    5. The basket included chocolates, small gifts, and there was a gift card in it, too.


    No extra credit at this time. -- management.

    At this time, do not begin the assignment below. It is left over from last year and is not currently assigned 

    to 2016-2017 students. I am leaving it up in case i decide to allow it as extra credit later.

    TENTATIVE: EXTRA CREDIT: Read Ohio Impromptu (below -- it is a .pdf file, so make sure you are able to 

    open this kind of file. If you cannot, it is available online -- just do a search).

    PAPERS should be a full 2 pages, not more.

    PAPERS need to be submitted to, and you must submit a hard copy to me by 7:30 AM Tuesday, 5/30/17. 

    No exceptions. If the hard copy is not in your teacher's possession by 7:30 AM Tuesday you will not receive extra credit. 

    No papers may be left at the switchboard or placed in my mailbox. No exceptions.

    PAPERS should be in perfect MLA format.

    Respond to ONE the following: 

    1. Discuss a theme in the play.
    2. Discuss the knocks and what purpose they serve.
    3. Discuss the pauses and what purpose they serve.
    4. Discuss how some aspect(s) of character contribute(s) to an understanding of the play.
    5. Discuss how the setting contributes to an understanding of the play.
    6. Discuss how refrain contributes to an understanding of the story.
    7. Does something in the story serve as a microcosm? Does the play itself serve as a microcosm?



    Handouts for the week: