Section outline


    >Writing sample: "The Story of an Hour" 


    > Finish presentations from last Friday;

    >Modifiers powerpoint (see below);

    > A word or two on CLAUSES (link)


    >Finish notes from yesterday;

    A few practice sentences:


    > Fix these:

    1. To please the neighbors, some fireworks were set off a day early.

    2. Though only sixteen years old, the college accepted Martha's application.

    3. Climbing up the ladder carefully, the frightened cat was brought down from the tree.

    4. After a quick change into my hospital gown, the nurse told me to relax.

    5. Before replacing any wall outlet, the electricity should be turned off.

    6. Vegetables are an important part of your culinary repertoire. To be cooked well, you must steam vegetables.

    7. Having laid an egg weighing two pounds, the farmer proudly displayed his favorite ostrich before the photographers.

    8. Flossing your teeth daily, gum disease can be prevented.

    9. Before engaging in strenuous aerobic exercise, warm-up activities are necessary.

    10. The policemen finally stopped the criminal using pepper spray and handcuffs.

    Then,  >> DO THIS <<.   :: SCORES for this are released; written response scores HERE




    Handouts for the week: