Section outline


    > More PSAT study;

    > Finish movie;

    > AMND Extra Credit Assignment -- due Monday, Oct. 15  >> CLICK HERE <<   for assignment.

    > Essay topics -- choose one, due this Friday, Oct. 12.  >> CLICK HERE <<  for essay topics.


    >Need from you today: write out which (if any) extra credit part you will do;

    >Need from you today: commit to an essay prompt and give me a suitable thesis that addresses the prompt.

    > Quick review of thesis statements

    > Enroll in 

    • Class ID: 19367071
    • Enrollment key (password): period4   <-- note, no capitals, no space.


    >PSAT -- report to your period 2 class, or wherever you were told to go. 


    >Thesis statements;

    > MLA format;


    >Essays due today -- make sure the paper is submitted to  Hard copy is still due in class!


    Handouts for the week: