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    Review of passive voice, pronoun misuse, and modifier problems;

    > Review: Parallel structure (see powerpoint notes below);

    > Homework: below are 5 sentences with parallel structure errors. Fix. In the interest of keeping the focus on parallel structure, you may leave be the other issues in the sentence (passive, banned words, etc.).

      1. Billy’s motivation to succeed in this program seems to be greater than his sister.
      2. The sentence is difficult to understand not because the vocabulary is technical but because of faulty syntax.
      3. The dictionary can be used for these purposes: to find word meanings, pronunciations, correct spellings, and looking up irregular verbs.
      4. The victims of this illness have sore throats, a fever, and their heads ache.
      5. Before the barbecue, you should ignite some charcoal, have bought some steaks, and you should be preparing some marinade.


    Handouts for the week: