Section outline




    >Review passive voice rewrites from last Friday;

    Passive voice review QUIZ: Google Classroom     SEE RESULTS  >> HERE << .




    >The Gettysburg Address -- handout below.

    Then, find on your own a famous historical speech. Read the speech and find examples of parallel structure. Write them down on a separate sheet of paper. Read the speech over a few times. Write out in a paragraph of maybe 7-8 sentences what you find the parallel structure adds to the speech. Add in what else you find effective about the speech in terms of other rhetorical devices (like parallel structure). Research to see what other rhetorical devices exist.

    Bring in a copy of the speech and be prepared to read it in class (or an excerpt, if the speech is long; use the Gettysburg Address as a guide -- make your excerpt be approximately as long as the Gettysburg Address). After reading it, walk the class through the parallel structure you find, and other rhetorical devices you find in the speech.


    >Speeches from yesterday; present these to class.


    Handouts for the week: