Section outline

  • Monday:

    Begin class presentations -- zoos.

    >RI testing, part 1.

    Notes, quiz (both on Google Classroom) on active and passive voice.


    Class presentations;


    Review active / passive voice.

    Handout (see below, or  >> CLICK HERE << for google doc. (not uploaded yet).

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    >Review Active/passive voice;

    Discussion on Climbing Everest;

    Debatable Issue:

    Climbing Mt. Everest is inherently dangerous -- inherently deadly, you might say. But it is not illegal, and the climbers are all aware that the mountain is deadly. Should people have the right to do something that is inherently and imminently deadly if the only risk they take is to themselves? Does your opinion change if the danger extends to others beyond the climber himself or herself? Write up some pros and cons and then choose after you have looked over your own list. How might you counter-argue your pros? Your cons?

    Use examples from Into Thin Air to support your position, but feel free to use other useful examples as they come to mind.


    >Images from Everest (discussion) -- see below;


    Handouts for the week: