Section outline


    >No school today -- Labor Day.


    >In groups of 2:

    Imagine you were Rob Hall, and you had lived through the storm and made it back to camp 4 – and later, home —safely, but Doug still had died on the mountain.

    Create a skit in which Hall meets Doug Hansen’s girlfriend (or family). Hall is there to explain what happened to Doug.

    Create a factually accurate (as best we can tell from what Krakauer and/or science tells us) dialogue of a possible, truthful explanation Rob Hall might give.

    This should be a dialogue, though, not a Rob Hall monologue, so think of what the family might say in response. Certainly they would have questions for Hall, and would certainly want answers. What might some of those questions be? Is the girlfriend/family understanding? Angry? Do they blame Hall? Do they blame Doug?

    Type a dialogue onto a Google Document and share it with your teacher (and make sure both of your names are on it). This will be the dialogue you will perform in class. Each member of the group will be expected to contribute equally. This is due Friday, Sept. 7.



    Changing 2nd person to 3rd person: rewrite the following sentences into 3rd person by eliminating "you." Look for ways to reconstruct the sentence; avoid merely replacing "you" with some other word.

    1. You will need to set aside several months if you decide to climb Mt. Everest.
    2. If you need a new laptop computer, you will need to do some research before you make your purchase.
    3. When you write an academic paper, keep in mind that the appearance of your paper can make a positive or negative impression on your reader.
    4. Whenever you go to the grocery store it seems like you always are stuck in the longest line.
    5. You should leave your cell phone in your backpack if you want to resist the temptation to use it while you are in class.




    >Hall/Hansen skits due today; 

    Writing assignment, due Tuesday:

    See the intro quote to Ch. 21 of Into Thin Air. On your own instead of in groups, read that quote over and discuss what it means (it's pretty straight forward) and discuss how that idea applies not only to Ch. 21, but to the entire story. 

    Paper can be typed (double-spaced) or hand-written. Be thorough. We will be finished with Into Thin Air at this point.


    Handouts for the week: