Section outline

  • Monday:

    On Taking Notes;

    On thesis statements (see below);


    • Thesis statements due next Monday, April 2;
    • Books and reading logs to be finished by next Friday, April 6;


    HERE IS A DECENT, ONE-PAGE DESCRIPTION of thesis statements, and includes writing a thesis about nonfiction. 

    Reading journal check #1: have your journals to turn in today; you will get them back. I want to check your progress on them. I will check them later this week if there is time, and again a few times next week. Journals (and your books) are due FINISHED next Friday.


    >Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary


    >See Google Classroom for assignment -- note that you need to find magazine or newspaper article, not just some random internet article. Read the instructions on Google Classroom, reading the article, and fill out the Google Form accordingly. This is due today in class.