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    Read excerpt from Into Thin Air; discuss finding research topics within your research book;


    Into Thin Air was a book about a specific disaster on Mount Everest in 1996. If you were reading Into Thin Air you would NOT be writing a research paper about the disaster Krakauer writes about in his book. You would find something in the reading -- a TANGENTIAL idea -- to focus on for your research paper, such as "Effects of oxygen depletion on the body," "High altitude rescue practices and difficulties," "How storms develop," "Evolution of mountaineering equipment over time," etc. None of these are identical to Krakauer's book, but his book discusses them to some degree and would serve as a source for writing that kind of paper.

    Also, discussion of READING LOGS you need to keep for your research book. Remember, the journals are your PROOF that you have done the reading, so do them as well as possible. You got a handout of page one for the reading logs in class today. For subsequent pages, you will need to print them yourself. See below (for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) or look in Friday's box for a Google Sheets version.




    Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary




    EarlyBird deadline for book-in-hand: this is the LAST day to get BONUS points for having your approved book in class. You can still get full credit (but no extra credit) for having your book in hand on Monday after Spring Break (3/25/19).

    >> CLICK HERE <<  for Google Sheet version of your reading log. Feel free to print double copies and have them back-to-back, if that works better for you.

    Maybe: FIND OUT -- on Chromebooks. In-class activity. First 10 people finished -- with all correct answers, correctly spelled -- get bonus +10 points.


    Handouts for the week: