Section outline


    >Counselors here to discuss registration for next year;


    >Sentence types: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex;

    Homework assignment on Google Classroom


    University of Michigan survey; this will take most of the period;

    2019 Book Approval list  >> CLICK HERE <<


    Flex Day

    > Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary

    > Reading logs discussed;


    To library to complete registration for next year; 

    Friday Assignment:  >>GO HERE<<  and select a topic . . .

    Write a brief creative writing piece on ANY of the topics listed on the link above. Feel free to interpret 

    the topic in whatever way suits your creativity best! It might be a complete story done in one page, 

    or a segment, like parts of a television show appearing between commercial breaks. Just be creative! 

    Oh, and of course include at least one COMPLEX SENTENCE, at least one COMPOUND SENTENCE, 

    and at least one COMPOUND-COMPLEX SENTENCE. You may have more than one of any of them, 

    but select one of each, underline it, and label it. So, your finished product should have 3 (and only 3) 

    sentences underlined.