Section outline

  • MONDAY: 

    > Body paragraph due today. You will get feedback on ONE paragraph. You pick -- what you think is your strongest, or what you think is your weakest. there are benefits to feedback on either type of paragraph. Bring in a TYPED copy of the paragraph. No excuses for hand-written paragraphs!

    >Peer review: If you are not here today, take >> THIS WORKSHEET << and, if you can, "borrow" a couple of paragraphs from classmates (have them send it to via email or Google share), read over the body paragraph, and fill out the sheet above. Note: the sheet has two forms on it, top and bottom. 

    Those of you here in class today will read two paragraphs and fill out the sheets.


    >You have two Google Classroom assignments. You will do these in class, and both are review. The first is about writing conventions; the second is about MLA formatting. If you are absent you can do these at home, once the assignments are open. I will open them at the beginning of each class period, and leave them open for those of you who are not in class today.

    HERE IS A DECENT, ONE-PAGE DESCRIPTION of thesis statements, and includes writing a thesis about nonfiction. 


    Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary


    >Sentence combining -- see Slide Presentation >> HERE <<

    Then, on Google Classroom, take the sentence from The Great Gatsby and deconstruct it into as many simple sentences as you reasonably can. Submit your assignment to Google Classroom.




    The assignments below are ONLY for those I have previously discussed these assignments with. For almost all of you, what is listed below DOES NOT APPLY (yet):

    Bless Me, Ultima and A Separate Peace: You should have the info for A Separate Peace already; for Bless Me, Ultima, the online text can be found  >>HERE<<  and the accompanying essay questions can be found here.