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    No school -- Veterans' Day


    > CITR, Chapters 4-7, due today. Handout below.


    > > READ THIS < <  in class: "The Unreliable Narrator."

    Then, respond to the following:

    Find 3 examples in The Catcher in the Rye where Holden comes across as unreliable. Write down the quote and explain what it shows about him. Due tomorrow. NOTE: Find where Holden is unreliable to US, the audience, not just lying to another character within the story. Do not use examples we may have discussed in class. Use any parts of chapters 1-7.




    >CITR, Chapters 8-12, due today.

    CITR questions, chapters 8-12:

    1. According to Holden, why was Ernest Morrow not elected president of the class?
    2. What is Holden’s explanation for going home on Saturday?
    3. What does Holden discuss with the cab driver on the way to the Edmont Hotel?
    4. Why does Holden not call Jane Gallagher?
    5. Who is Phoebe? How does Holden feel about Phoebe?
    6. How does Holden know that the three girls at the next table are not from New York City?
    7. How did Jane Gallagher and Holden get to be friends?
    8. What was it that made Jane Gallagher cry when she and Holden were playing checkers?
    9. Who is Ernie? What does Holden find especially irritating about Ernie?
    10. What does Holden discuss with Horwitz?
    11. How does Holden characterize the patrons at Ernie’s?


    Choose one of the following and write a brief paragraph about it. Be prepared to discuss it with the class today.

    1.  Chapter 10 – Holden very often refers to Phoebe as “old Phoebe.” What might be some reasons he refers to her that way, given that she is Holden’s younger sister.

    2.  Chapter 11 – We learn the story of Jane Gallagher. Given what Holden tells us of her, why do you think he views her so caringly/ Why do you think he is always thinking about her but never calls her, or is never “in the mood” to call her?

    3.  Chapter 12 – Holden elaborates on the recurring issue of the ducks to Horwitz, one of his cab drivers. What can you see in this elaborated discussion of the ducks? Why do you think Holden is fixated on them, or what might Salinger be suggesting, about Holden or a theme of the book, with this fixation?

    READ!!! -- Chapters 13-20 due Monday after the break. 


    Handouts for the week: