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    Handout: Edit paper from "Student X." Discuss some of the problems; find and fix in first paragraph: passive voice, 1st/2nd person.

    More presentations;


    >Finish presentations;

    Review Into Thin Air Ch. 21 leading quote (homework from last Friday);

    Your assignment:

    Rewrite on a separate sheet of paper the following paragraph in active voice. You will first need to identify what the verb is for each sentence; then, decide whether or not the subject is doing the action implied by it. You may need to reword the sentence completely to change it to active voice. Be careful to change pronouns (when necessary) from their objective form (him, for example) to their subjective form (he) when changing them from the predicate to becoming the subject.

         The convention was attended by my friends and me. There, we were met by many company executives. Several companies were given time to showcase their businesses, and an audience to showcase them to. At that convention, much was learned about commerce. Many of us were given fliers and other materials for later reading. I was told nearly fifty companies were represented at this convention. Several friends of mine have been asked back to the next one. They were invited back to be given interviews by various representatives of the companies. It was an interesting experience.

    Not this, not yet:


    >More passive/active voice work


    >review yesterday's handout;

    Some preliminary discussion of Shakespeare / A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Group assignments (I have put you in groups, listed below):




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