Section outline

  •        Here it is. Anything you need or want to check out relating to the class can be found on this site.

  • Welcome back to school and your senior year! A lot will be expected of you this year, both in this class and in general. The key to dealing with the pressure is to simply take it a step at a time. And before you know it, graduation day will be here. But, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves...

    As I may have already told you in class, what used to be summer research will instead be spread throughout the year. First, rather than having each of you do an in-depth paper on a single psychologist, we will begin by pairing up members of the class to research and create interview presentations on randomly-selected psychologists. Each will focus on an aspect of the psychologist's contribution to the field. The presentations will be given throughout the first semester.

    By now you should have received a copy of the course outline. This needs to be signed and returned to me ASAP.

    Finally, I want you all to know that I'm happy to have each of you in this class, and I am looking forward to the coming year. If you ever have any questions, or just want to talk about things, you know where to find me.


  • One week in and we are moving right along. 

    This week, we begin in earnest with a look at the history of and approaches to psychology. Look to the board behind me for your daily reading assignments. Any notes you take from the lectures are for your benefit: THEY WILL NOT BE COLLECTED FOR GRADES. 

    By now, you should be well into the creation of your word rings. I expect no less than 25 terms for each unit - 50 if its a double like this one (History of Approaches and Research Methods). I will place an attachment of names, terms, and theories you should have at the beginning of each unit. Check below for the first list.

    Also, you can find below the Powerpoint lecture given this week, plus the notes from the lecture I usually give (but didn't this year).


  • Unit One is ending this week ... hopefully. The reason is that it is a shortened week, first due to Image result for labor day   , and then Image result for back to school. As a result, we start the week on Tuesday with an A-F full day schedule. Wednesday, then. is an A-F Flex, and Thursday is an A-F minimum day for Back-to-School (extra credit to anyone whose parents come to BTSN). Finally, Friday is an A-F full day.

    A few things to accomplish in the limited time we have:

    1) Turn in your Module 2 reading notes

    2) Complete our review of the psychologists

    3) Make a preliminary examination of the Scientific Method

  • Multiple experiments abound this week as we delve into our examination of research methods and experimentation. You will have already read the module, so we'll simply be supplementing what you've read with a few extra insights. Below, you will find a Ppt. lecture on Statistics that we will skim through. Take notes as you need (I will not be collecting these). Also attached is an electronic variation of the Module 2 information found in your Plotkin book.

    Also below you can find the directions for you project on Creating an Experiment (I will pass out hard copies of this also). Due on Thursday, Sept. 22, you are to present an experiment proposal only. We will, as a class undertake a much larger project in the coming weeks, which will involve seeing it all the way to fruition.

    Finally, since we are finishing the unit, you will be expected to take a practice test on your own. Schmoop is just not working out right now, so we're going with an alternative. The principle is the same; take the online test as many times as you need until you achieve an 85% or more. I'll explain in class where to go and what to do. Note: The review for the Unit One Test below may help, but was created for a different exam.

  • The plans is to begin the week with a viewing of "The Truman Show." As you watch the film, keep in mind the tenets of the APA's guidelines for ethical research (an attachment of those can be found below). You then have a 1 1/2 to 2-page essay response due by Wednesday on the prompt: In what ways did the film "The Truman Show" violate all four tenets of the guidelines for ethical research. It does not have to be typed, but it must be neat.

    Wednesday, we'll say goodbye to the unit for good (not really, since we will comeback to revisit the approaches and psychologists frequently) with an FRQ (Free Response Question) relating a situation to the 7 Approaches.

    And Thursday, finally, we begin Unit Two - Personality. There are three modules associated with this unit. The notes for the first, Module 19, will be due in by Monday, 9/26. The outline guide can be found below.

  • Our Personality exploration continues this week in a major way. For starters, the reading quiz for Module 19 will be Monday. Yes, your notes are due at that time. (Remember, if you do not print out the outline - found below - the rule of thumb for notetaking is ONE PAGE OF NOTES FOR EVERY TWO PAGES OF TEXT. So, you'd need at least 9 pages for full credit.)

    This unit also has a quick project attached to it. Instructions (found below). have already been given for a Personality Mask. This will be due Thursday, Oct. 6.

    Another due date for this week to remember is The Truman Show essay prompt, Wednesday, Sept. 28. If you've forgotten the instructions, you are to write a 11/2 to 2-page response to the prompt: Citing examples from the film, explain how The Truman Show violated all four tenets of the APA's research guidelines. Those are also found below.

    On Wednesday, a full A-F day, I'll be introducing you to Forty Studies That Changed Psychology. This is a book we will be going back to over and over throughout the year. Below is the instruction sheet for using the book (I will also hand out a copy to each of you). Work will always be done of a 4 X 6 index card. Since I only have 30 copies of the book in the class, the link to the online version is also below. The study for Wednesday will be "Are You The Mast of Your Fate?" on p. 192.

    Also below is the Unit 2 - Personality listing of Names and Terms to Know. There are a lot, but many will be covered in your reading notes. Still, I'm going to request you up the minimum number of required cards from 25 to 35. Of course, you can always do as many as you like. The cards will always be there. They will be due for check by Thursday, Oct. 6.

    Some good news for you... I've decided to remove Module 21, "Health, Stress &Coping,"  and make it part of the Motivation & Emotions unit. So, the only other module you'll need to read and take notes on for this unit will be 20, "Social Learning & Traits." This will be due Monday, Oct. 3. The outline for that is forthcoming. 

    Finally --  You have until next Friday, Sept. 30 to take and submit the test reviews on Schools of Psychology and Research Methods. Remember, in order to get credit, you must have scores of 85% or above. Once that mark is hit, copy and paste the test into a word document and send them to me as an attachment to We'll continue to do it this way until I can figure Schmoop out.

  • Once we complete the "Circle of Social Psychology Friends" activity on Monday, we'll be moving right onto the biology unit. This is what I would like to at least begin before week's end:

    1) Module 3 (long quiz next Wednesday). For those who choose to, you may print out the Module 3 outline found below on which to take your notes. Otherwise, I will expect at least seven pages of notes for the 13-page module. Something that may help you with your reading notes is the "Brain Building Blocks" Powerpoint for Plotnik found below

    2) Complete the notes on The Nervous System. Note: Below, you will find posted the lecture I used to give on The Nervous System along with The Biology of Behavior lecture/discussion we will have in class.

    3) Assign your Build-A-Brain group project (due by Thursday, Dec. 8). Though I will be handing this out, the instructions can be found below.

    Note: Below you will also find a unit checklist to guide you through the unit. Please understand that this is a condensed list with general concepts. It may be necessary to explore some areas more fully on your own. Also below, you will find the Terms to Know for Unit iV. Though it is a long list, you are still only required to submit 25 note cards at unit's end. (Remember, however, that many of these terms will be covered in your brain projects). Finally, I've placed a folder of additional readings related to Biology and Behavior below. Peruse it at your leisure. These are supplemental sources of information.

  • The Personality unit wraps this week with an examination of Bandura's Social-Cognitive and the various trait theories relating to personality. Because it took me so long to get the outline up for Module 20, your notes on the module and the quiz won't be until Thursday, Oct. 6.

    Remember: You Personality Masks are also due on Thursday. So as not to make you guys turn in too much at the same time, I'm pushing the due date for the unit  note cards back to next week. They are due in by Monday, Oct. 10. As indicated before, you are requested to have a minimum of 35 cards for this unit.

    Finally, if you want to engage in some extra review, I've included the old unit test below (it used to be unit 6) for your perusal. If you decide to do it, email me for a copy of the answer sheet. Regardless, you all are requested to take and submit the review test (85% or better) on Personality by next Friday, Oct. 14.

  • Social Psychology is next on the agenda. This will be a busy unit, since the class will be creating and conducting a school-wide social research study on top of the usual notes, quiz and activities.

    The good news for you is that there is only one module for this unit, Module 25. The notes for that will be due on Monday, Oct. 24. The outline will be available to you by the end of this weekend. Note: If you choose not to fill in the outline, a minimum of 12 pages of notes is requested.

    Before that time , however, there are a few other things required of you:

    • You need to send me proof of an 85%,  or above, on the Personality review exam by Friday, Oct. 21. Follow the same procedure  as before.
    • We, in class, need to work out the details on the school-wide survey. We begin engaging in the preliminary stages on Thursday.
    • Begin working on your next set of vocabulary cards for Social Psychology. Look below for a listing of People and Terms relating to the unit.
    • Complete, in class, PsychSIm activity "Not My Type."
    • Complete note card on 40 Studies... case "Not Practicing What You Preach." Abridged version at link below.


  • Partly because it's a long module, and partly because I won't be at school the end of the week, Module 25 won't be due until Monday, Oct. 24. If you haven't yet seen the outline for Module 25, you can find it again below. 

    We will spend most of this Monday working on the whole-class survey designed to be administered to all juniors and seniors by the first week of November, if not sooner. Remember, you need to look for youthful pictures of politicians for half of our social judgment survey. The other half will be composed of questions relating to generalized attitude evaluation. Example questions might include: Do you judge people based on first impressions? One a scale of 1-5, how much to looks matter in evaluating a person's...  honesty?   integrity?   temperament?   etc.

    Wednesday, the majority of you will be with your A Block taking the ASVAB. The other two of you will be taking the PSAT.

    Thursday, I'll be leaving you the social psychology movie "Mean Girls" to watch. Due in the following Thursday - Oct. 27 - will be an assessment paper n how the film relates to the concepts of person perception, stereotypes, attributions (internal vs. external), attitudes (cognitive dissonance), persuasion, group influences (conformity and obedience), group membership, and aggression. You'll be expected to provide both an understanding of each concept and its application to the film. This essentially will be you FRQ for the unit. (And, yes, I essentially followed the module outline.)

    Note: Your note cards (a minimum of 25) for this unit will be due in by Wed, Oct. 26. The review test (85% or better) on Social Psychology will be due in by Friday, Nov. 4

  • With Veteran's Day on Friday, it makes for a shortened week. It also means that A-B-C days will be Monday and Wednesday, not Monday and Thursday. Either way, we continue our exploration of how biology affects our behavior.

    Monday, we'll take a preliminary look at the Nervous System, specifically the Peripheral Nervous System.

    Wednesday, be prepared to take the Module 3 quiz. That also means that the reading notes are due as well. Following the quiz, we'll:
       1)  take a quick look at your homework assignment (aside from beginning Module 4), Case Studies for Biology of Behavior. We'll do the first case together, then you're on your own. It's due on Monday, 11/14.
       2)  begin work on a flip book of The Endocrine System. Instructions, for all who need them, are below. We will complete work on the books next Monday.

    Finally, Module 4 is on deck. While I want you to have read the whole module by next Thursday, 11/17, I'm dividing the reading assignments (and thus) quizzes into three segments (check next week for the particulars). The first will be Monday, pp. 61-67.

  • This is what is on schedule for this week:

    1) Readings are Pp. 61-67 for Monday (11/14), Pp. 68-75 for Wednesday (11/16), and Pp. 76-81 for Thursday (11/17). There will be a quiz each due day, with the Module 4 notes due in on Thursday.

    2) Out of the "40 Studies ..." book, the study "One Brain Or Two?" found on page 1. We'll work on this Wednesday; you know the routine.

    3) Structure-Function-Location activity on The Brain.

  • Enjoy your week off guys. Just a reminder that your neuron models are due the week we come back.

  • We will be wrapping up Unit Four this week, which means taking a quick look at brain injuries, hemispheric specialization and handedness, and imaging techniques. Here's how we're going to do it:

    1) Quick overview Monday of the various types of brain injuries/diseases. No not required, however, you may complete the study guide for extra credit. Both the lecture and study guide can be found below. As a follow-up to that , the handout "Case Studies - Brain Damage" needs to be completed by Wednesday. (It can be found below for anyone not getting a copy.)

    2) Quick overview of hemispheres and handedness. This will be followed by a survey to determine your hemisphere dominance.

    3) Thursday, we'll be watching the movie "Awakenings." The study guide - available below - may also be completed for extra credit.

    Also, if anyone wants to earn a little extra credit while reviewing, you can find a crossword puzzle below on the brain.

    Looking ahead to next week, I've included the outline for Module 5 below. This module - Sensation - represents the first quarter of the the next unit of study. The reading quiz for the module will be on Thursday, 12/8.

  • It's crunch time now. Only one week until finals and we find ourselves just beginning a new unit. But, that's OK. This unit, Sensation/Perception and Consciousness, is a long one. So, by doing it this way, we can take a little peek behind the curtain to get a SENSE (get it) of what's in front of us. This week is a quick peek/sniff/feel/listen/taste of what's to come.

    However, we must first:

    1) Turn in Unit 4 note cards on Monday (12/5).

    2) Complete the Unit 4 FRQ dealing with brain functioning. This will be done in class on Wednesday (12/7).

    3) Turn in Brain Models, due on Thursday (12/8).

    4) Complete and submit (with grades of 85% or higher) the test reviews on Neuroscience and The Brain. These must get to me by Sunday night.

    While the readings are not due until next Monday (12/12), the quiz for Module 5 will be on Thursday. You may, however, use whatever notes you have on the quiz.

    Looking ahead to Finals Week, you will be taking a cumulative exam on Monday, 12/12. The 100-question test will be comprised of 25 questions from each of the four units covered so far. Check below for study guides, understanding these were the guides designed for the unit tests previously given. The unit numbers are also different.

  • This week is all about one thing -- finishing the semester.

    To do this, there will be a semester final given on Monday. Again, cumulative in nature, there will be 25 questions from each of the four units we've covered so far.

  • Have a great vacation.

    See you all on January 9th.

  • Okay, updates are complete (for this week anyway). as posted earlier, I was unable to put up the Module 6 outline. I'm happy to say it is now available to you for downloading, as is Module 7 (if you want to start working a bit ahead. Both are necessary for next week - Module 6 (Perception) is due on Monday, 1/23 with Module 7 (Consciousness, Sleep & Dreams) due by Thursday, 1/26. If you choose not to print out and fill in the outlines provided, the length requirements for each of the module is as follows: Module 6 = 10 pages of notes, with Module 7 = 8 pages.

    Also below for this week, you will find the Names and Terms to Know for this unit. Remember that since this is a double unit (Sensation/Perception and Consciousness), I will expect a minimum of 50 note cards from each of you. Don't worry about the cards; there will always be more for you to take.

    Finally, posted again is the instruction sheet for the Dream Journal (just in case you didn't get one). Due date for the project (all three parts) is still Monday, February 6.

  • Two

  • This is the first of three shortened weeks for you, with Wednesday being a student-free day. Take advantage of the time off because you have quite a bit to do in the coming days. While there is no reading module due this week, the unit is drawing to a close and so you will soon be expected to turn in your vocabulary cards for the unit (50), and show evidence of passing the three (Sensation, Perception, and State of Consciousness) review tests with an 85% or more. But, neither of those is due until next week (Tuesday, 2/14).

    First, I want to know about your dreams. You Dream Journal projects are due on Thursday, 2/9 (although I will accept them until Friday). Remember, this is a three-parter: 1) the dream journal itself, highlighting at least 5 dreams; 2) an analysis of the dreams in 2-3 pages; and 3) your own theory on dreams in 3-5 pages.

    Thursday, we will get a start on the next unit, Learning and Memory. Your in-class activity, which will probably be completed next Tuesday, is to create "My Little Book of Learning." The instructions are below. All supplies for the assignment will be supplied.

    Reading for next week will be Module 9, "Classical Conditioning." As usual, you have the choice of printing out the outline below or writing the notes on your own. It's a shorter module (12 pages), so I'm requesting a minimum of 7 pages on notes. The notes will be due on Tuesday, 2/14.

  • Continuing our examination of Learning, we move from Classical Conditioning to Operant Conditioning. 

  • Hey, no more work for the rest of the year! April Fools! Seriously, we still have quite a bit to get done before T Day on May 1. In fact , from here on out (well, for the next three weeks anyway), we'll be doing two modules per week.

    A quick schedule is as follows:

       Monday, 4/3 - Module 16 (Emotions); 6 pages minimum

       Thursday, 4/10 - Module 21 (Health, Stress & Coping); 11 pages minimum

       Monday, 4/10 - Module 17 (Infancy & Childhood); 12 pages minimum

       Thursday, 4/13 - Module 18 (Adolescence & Adulthood); 9 pages minimum

       Monday, 4/17 - Module 22 (Disorders I: Definitions, Anxiety Disorders); 8 pages minimum

       Thursday, 4/20 - Module 23 (Disorders II: Mood Disorder and Schizophrenia); 9 pages minimum

       Monday, 4/24 - Module 24 (Therapies); 10 pages minimum

    This week, as we conclude our examination of Motivation and Emotion, we'll be doing a few activities in class.

    -- On Monday, we'll analyze two cases from the "40 Studies..." book. The first is "A sexual Motivation," found on p. 158, and the second is "I Can See It All Over Your Face," found on p. 168.

    -- On Wednesday, we'll have the first of several vocabulary reviews. Each review will include 20 terms and 5 psychologists. Each also will include 10 review terms and 10 new terms. The People and Terms list for this unit (its Motivation/Emotion and Development), can be found below.

    -- There will be two Crash Course episodes (#25 "Feeling All The Feels," and #26 "Emotion, Stress and Health") viewed this week. The study guide for each is located below and may be printed out and completed for extra credit. If you so choose, #25 must be turned in by Thursday, with #26 due in by next Monday.

    Finally, the online test reviews for the Motivation and Emotion portion of the unit will be due in by Sunday, 4/9. The tests you need to do are 1) Motivation and Emotion, and 2) Gender & Sexuality. As usual, a percentage of 85 or must must be shown to receive credit.

  • This is crunch time guys. Whether or not you are taking the AP Test, I need your full attention during class so that we can get through the remaining material.

    For starters, we now move swiftly into the next part of the unit on Human Development. We only have a week to spend on this, so material is going to come at you quickly.

    This week, we need to:

    1) finish Module 17 (Monday, 4/10)

    2) finish Module 18 (Thursday, 4/13)

    3) Watch "The Breakfast Club" (Thursday, 4/13). The instructions for the essays associated with the film can be found below. I will expect two, 2-page typed essays for each of the prompts. This will be due next Wednesday, 4/19 (if done on hard copy). You may have an extra day if you share them with me on Google Docs.

    Also included below are various sets of lecture notes that I used to give on Child Development, Adolescence, and Erikson's eight stage of social development. Peruse at your pleasure. I will also be handing out to you physically a copy of the Human Development Theories chart, highlighting the concepts behind Erikson's social theories, Freud's sexual theories, Kohlberg's moral theories, and Piaget's cognitive theories of human development.

    A final not for this week --- Your Review Exams "Child Development" and "Developmental Psychology" are due to me by Sunday night for full credit. You lose 10% is I get them Monday, 25% through Thursday, and 50% thereafter.

  • Two weeks until the AP Test and you have three modules left, all dealing with the final unit of information of Abnormal Psychology. The first two of those, Modules 22 and 23, need to be worked on this week. Due to my error, I accidentally wrote Module 20 on the board as being due Monday, 4/17. We did that unit last semester as part of the Personality unit. So, as a result, not only are the notes due later, there will not be any module quiz for 22, or 23 and 24, for that matter. Instead, all three modules are due in next Monday, 4/24. To reiterate, Module 22 (8 pages), Module 23 (9 pages), and Module 24 (10 pages) are all due on Monday, 4/24. Question reviews for all three modules will be handled with the online Exam Reviews - "Psychological Disorders," due on Friday, 4/21 and "Therapies," due on Wednesday, 4/26.

    Additionally, the essays for Breakfast Club are no longer due this week. Instead, you may turn them in as late as Wednesday, 4/26 for full credit.   

    With the conclusion of this unit, we move into the home stretch -- 


  • All instruction is finalized this week. Module 24 will be due on Monday, 4/24. Notes (10 pages) must be turned in at that time. After the quiz, we will do a PsychSim Activity called "Mystery Therapist." Although I will provide you with the worksheet, links to both that and the activity can be found below.

    There will also be a vocabulary quiz/review on Wednesday, 4/26.

    After that, however, there will be no more reading modules. No more psychology studies. No more lectures. One more test. For those taking the AP Test, we will have the final study session on Thursday (in class after school). Sadly, I'll be out of town over the weekend, so last-minute cramming is up to you. For everyone else, prepare for the class final to be given next Monday, May 2 (the same day as the AP Test).

  • This week we delve ever deeper into our study of Social Psychology. This what to expect:

    1)    Module 25 notes are due on Monday, which also means an extended (or rather, double) quiz. We will spend some time on this.

    2)    Unit note cards are due on Thursday. Remember, while you can provide as many as you like, there must be 25 minimum completed. (I’ll probably let you have until next Monday.)

    3)    Your Mean Girls FRQs are due on Thursday, 10/27, as well.

    4)    More “Crash Course” videos. In all, I want you to see episodes #37, #38, #39, and #40. You’ll be taking notes on them all and turning it in together. If you didn’t get to watch them in class, the link for the videos is below.

    5)    Thursday, we’re also going to begin work on a whole-class jigsaw activity, “Circle of Social Psychology Friends.” I’ll provide the details later.

  • This is it!

    For those who signed up, the AP Test is Monday. Come to class as you normally would. There'll be some pretest sustenance, and last-minute fine-tuning. The test is at high noon (that's 12 o'clock), so I'll dismiss you from class by 11:30. That way, you can go on to the test site as a unified force.

    Those taking the AP Test will automatically be given 100 points. The final, scheduled for next week, is for those not taking the test. It will be 100 questions, all review.